The Goose Roasters

The name derived from a chef perspective, if one looks back in history, twelve forty eight, King Louis IX and the guild decided that skills and trades needed to be protected. So he decided to form a body, 

The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. I thought as in those days people cooked on open fires with the use of a rotisserie, spit as we know it.

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Food & Wine


“Consider your Goose cooked”

We are a food preparation company who deals with every aspect of food


We assist with businesses needing professional advice in kitchen set up, design and menu planning and cost controls.

Our services also include giving assistance in establishments that need help with costing, staff training, menu planning and HACCP.

Hands on cooking classes / team building

We specialise in small groups of people wanting to learn how to cook. These classes are done in our kitchen at The Woodmill. Each class we do eight to ten people per session. My chef’s work with the guests to prepare a four course meal, you also get the chance to plate up and serve your friends and colleagues. In this particular package you also get to eat what you have prepared as a dining experience. We supply you a recipe booklets. You are welcome to buy your own beverages for the cooking sector as well as for your meal.


Pop Up Restaurant

A new concept where we will open up on request, at a venue of choice and serve a set meal for that night or meal only.

Die Wors-Rol


Take Out Meal

The Goose Roasters offer a take-out meal option. Where we prepare a meal plan for a week or two and you can purchase these dishes to freeze them in and use as you require. Instead of preparing the dishes yourself let us do this for you.


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